Essay: On Community

In case you didn’t know, there’s a global pandemic going on. Big news, right? Okay, let’s get serious.

What pandemic did to the humanity is that it divided people into two groups, let’s say. In multiple categories. Bear with me, I’ll get to my point at the end of the article.

The first category is based on how much their life was affected.

Because the pandemic did affect everyone (don’t lie to yourself), the only difference is how much.

I’ll start by the better group and there belong people who have been fortunate enough and pandemic affected them in minimal way. By minimal way I mean that they didn’t lose their jobs, their loved ones, their friends, homes and others. They still can attend school (online or not), they can still work etc. And no, I don’t want for other people to blame them or be angry with them that they have it better.

The second group of people are who were and are affected in medium to huge amount. They could lose their jobs, loved ones etc. If you belong to this group of people and we can help you somehow, let us know.

You see, there’s something that connects the two groups and that’s the sense of community. Sense of fellowship, if you will. Especially in these difficult and trying times we have to stick together. The more fortunate people should in some way help the less fortunate ones. Because, you see, there’s no fairness in the way how the cards were dealt. It’s just I would say luck, or fate or whatever. But, if we’re supposed to get over the coronavirus, we have to stick together, there really isn’t any other way. We can help each other by supporting local food restaurants, local merchants and sellers, local businesses… Those who right now have it the worst. In my country all restaurants have to be closed, but employers still have to pay for bills and wages. To get their outcomes as low as possible, many people were fired and they can’t get a job elsewhere. But those people still have to pay for bills to, they still have to feed themselves and their families. So if you can, try to support local businesses. Let’s help each other, but please, always wear a face masks (stop with the excuses why you can’t wear one. There’s enough scientific evidence proving wearing a mask is essential to stopping the outbreak).

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Aristotle said that a man is a creature of society/politics (zoon politikon). He said that a life without any community, state or anything else isn’t self-sustainable and therefore we need to create communities. I dare to say that now more than ever those words need to be repeated, because without community, without state, an individual will not survive. I mean it in the way that we, as communities, should help each other. And if by helping we mean wearing a face mask or being quarantined, then yeah, do that, please.

The second category is based on the belief in science

You see, the whole population is once again divided into two big groups based on what people believe. People then act based on their beliefs and that’s absolutely okay, but I do have an issue with people that will knowingly and willingly put me, my family and friends into danger. Let me start with the group where I hope majority of my friends, family and even readers online belong.

The first group is of people that believe in science and in scientific evidence that COVID-19 is real, much more dangerous than common flu and poses a great threat to us. And before you start typing all of those hateful comments (I do moderate them, so unless you have something productive to bring into the discussion, don’t even bother), let me explain what I mean by believing in science.

Science is knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method.

Merriam-Webster dictionary

Key word is scientific. That means that it is highly unusual for people to just “make things up”, because usually the scientists spend a long time working on their projects and then it’s not worth of sabotaging by making things up. So we know that if we were, for example, to replicate all of the conditions of the environment and of the object we’re studying, we would get the same results as people before us if we would do the same process. We also don’t believe every piece of information that we find online, because we know that majority of those articles, blog posts and other information mediums are not exactly evidence based and if yes, then congratulations, we’ve found a relieble source of information. Among these sources usually belong journal mediums, such as The Guardian, The Economist, The New York Times etc… Those sources are reliable, but, always take the information with a pinch of salt. You know, just to be sure.

I would say that’s the biggest difference between this group and the next ne, knowing what to believe. And the second difference is that based on what we believe, we know what we should and shouldn’t do during these hard times. We know that wearing a face mask is probably the best thing we can do, if we have to go out. We will rather stay home, if possible. And lastly, we will do everything in our power to not put other people in potential danger.

Because the other group has the tendency to believe every single piece of information even when it is so evident that it’s not true, such as that the COVID vaccine will give you a microchip in your body (I trust your judgement on this one) and other crazy ideas regarding the whole pandemic. But, as I’ve previously mentioned, the difference is that these kind of people don’t care about the health of other people (their family included, probably). They won’t wear a face mask, even when you will politely ask them to, they will rather go out and pretend that everything is okay and basically do the exact opposite of what the first group of people will do.

Now, if you’re asking why the heck do I even care, I have one big reason why. Because I am a person with severe health issues, I’ve got autoimmune non-curable condition and other conditions as well. The reason is that even though I am trying my best to protect myself and my family, people from the second group don’t realize that there are people with other conditions around them. And trust me that when I say that if I will get the coronavirus, I will have significantly harder time to beat it compared to my peers, which are 23 year olds. I’ve got friends with cancer, with lung disease and other conditions and to see them that scared motivated me to write this.

So please, if you belong to the second group of this category, think of your actions. Think of what people like me will have to suffer through just because of YOUR IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE. Just think and if one person will tell themselves that okay, i’ll go and use that face mask, then I’ll be happy with that. Because one person can save the life of couple hundreds. Think of your friends, of your loved ones, of your family. Please, let’s be a community and finally beat this shit, because frankly, we all could use a break.

Thank You for reading.

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    • Yeah, but this doesn’t happen everywhere. The mindset of Asian people is a lot different than of other non Asian people, unfortunately. And I mean it in the best possible way, no offense. Some countries are so affected and yet they don’t see what’s going on.

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