I am from a little country in the heart of Europe called Slovakia or Slovak republic. I’ve traveled a bit, either with my friends, family or alone.

Klára (Claire)

Hi. I am Klára or Claire in English. I am the owner of this blog. The reason why I started the blog is my passion for writing, photography, travelling and helping others. I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to be a detective. To help others by giving them closure, or by just returning their bikes. But, that plan didn’t go as I wanted and now I study teaching of English language and philosophy. I did find myself in it, though. I realized that the bad experiences I had in school were the perfect fuel for me to try and make a change that will last. Or make someone like the English language as I do, or philosophy. If I will change one life for better, my mission is successful.

Who am I?

Student (master’s studies)


CEO and owner of an accounting company

Dog lover, gamer, reader, writer…