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Hi. I’m Claire and this is my site, where I will occasionally share my writings. I tend to use Writing Prompt generators, to spark things up, but I will also try and share other writings, such as my own opinions on current social issues that I find interesting and I want to address.


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Once a week I will share a new prompt with the world. The rules are simple! A session of writing on random topic that is at least bit interesting for me and of course for you. The length will vary, but to start things up I will start with 5 minute sessions for some time and then I will work my way up. Check it here.

Head Journeys

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The second section of my blog will be about my opinions on multiple things, such as first aid, personal development etc. I will try to write at least once a week, but I don’t promise anything. I am also an active Medium member, so some of my articles may have been already published there. Check some of my opinions here.

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