My name is Claire and I would like to welcome you to my blog site. I’ve started this project when I was starting university and wanted an outlet for my imagination. Because of that, you will have the chance to read all kind of posts, from poetry through essays and my own opinions to series of short stories or my own experiences. Here, take a look at my recent posts down here:

In case that you would be wondering when new articles are incoming, I am dedicated right now to this schedule:

  • Monday: poem, weekly series post (Streaming journey)
  • Tuesday: essay
  • Wednesday: poem
  • Thursday: weekly series post (Unhappy dog walker)
  • Friday: poem
  • Saturday: off
  • Sunday: off

If you however don’t want to come in here every single day just to check whether I have posted already, hit that follow button or follow me on social media! I promote my content there as well, so you will never miss new article or my little rants or gratitude posts. I promise ;).

I have two weekly series right now. One is of my streaming journey (shoutout to all of my streaming friends reading this!) and the other is my ranting on people that like to make my life less beareable while walking my dog. Trust me, those stories are golden and you will either laugh a lot with me or you will bitch with me a lot. There is no in between, but the content is good. Once I run out of stories for either of those two, there will be a new series. At some point. Hopefully.

Of course, more and more content is incoming, because I have found out that writing is probably one of my biggest passions and maybe one day I would like to earn money by writing. You being here and reading this is already showing support to me, but I would like to ask you to go and read some of the posts and maybe leave a comment or a like. I don’t do it for other people, this project is mainly for me as my own diary of sorts. But you guys leaving a response of kind shows me that people like my style of writing and thinking. Or, if you don’t have an account to leave either of those, you can always head to “Contact” and you can get in touch that way.

I also have social media where you can get in touch with me in case that is your preferred way. I’m active on either of these, so don’t be shy, let’s get to know each other.