Sometimes all we need is to let go
Let go of controls, let go of the remote
And enjoy the ride, the mess and the chaos
Because amidst that we can note
How great of a loss
Would it be to live a life full of remorse.

Sometimes we need to be kidnapped
By the people, by the animals,
By the wind, by the nature,
And sit on a shore thinking of the three ghosts
Future, present and past
The ones making all of it last.

Dear ghosts, let me remind you that
Sometimes all we need to do is just let go.
Let go of you and enjoy the ride.
Enjoy the winds, for they will take you to the future.
Enjoy the winds, for they will make life easier.
Enjoy the winds, ghosts-free.

One thought on “Wind

  1. Wind resonates deeply with me. An invitation to just be. This is where eternity lives…mind quiet, senses active, breathing calmly, feeling life. Thank you for this beautiful poem. I need to be reminded to set aside the noise of a busy modern life. Bravo my friend…bravo!


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