Streaming: The advantages (Pt. 3)

In this part I would like to talk in detail of the top advantages of streaming from my point of view. Maybe some of the readers will agree with me, maybe not. But to be honest, I don’t really care anymore. So, let’s get to it and break everything down. This is the list of the top advantages I recognized.

  • The people you meet
  • The fun you have
  • The grow you experience
  • The community you build

Before I continue, I am aware that some people go into streaming for fame and or money. Some of us may know the big names, such as TommyInnit, Ninja, Pokimane and others. But before you actually get on that level, there’s a lot (and I mean a lot) of grind, falls, new things you learn, people, tries and risks. It’s really a lot to get there, so if you really want to make it, you have to have what it takes and it’s extremely difficult, but in the end, it is worthy, in my opinion.

The people you meet

In the previous post you could have read that one of the vital parts of growing as a stream is networking, meaning that you meet more and more people, either by networking or playing with them in various games (fps games recommended for meeting interesting people). But, the amount of amazing people I’ve met. People that truly do care about you, care about mental health awareness, are LGBT+ allies and much more. Those are the people that you really should be friends with. Let me explain why.

There are two kinds of people. The first one are people that think they are universally right in every single thing and don’t want to hear anything else except for their kind of truth (I do believe that all of us know at least one person like that). The other kind is when the people think they are right based off of facts, but are willing to have an open conversation about everything and anything. A discussion when opinions are not said to hurt other people and their feelings, but to have a proper like discussion about the matter at hand. I’m not saying that the second kind of people have to share the same views, opinions and values as you, but they are open to accept the differences and look past them.

And in my experience as a streamer and even now as a view on Twitch, I’ve met so many open-minded people that it actually slowly restores the hope in humanity. People that went so much of shit in their life that some of us would just give up and wouldn’t have made it. People that are open to talk about this, if they feel safe and comfortable with other people.

Just a quick tip: viewers – make sure that your streamer is comfortable with you talking about stuff and if not, respect that. streamers – make sure that you set the boundaries loud and clear, it helps make stuff a bit easier.

And nothing is better than having nice conversation with people about basically anything and everything. That is also a way how to make friends with other people, you find the differences and similarities, you get to know each other and then you all can sit in a call just chilling and having fun. From my own experience, those calls and nights were one the best times in my life. Just because of all of the friendliness, good people around me and good vibes. and sometimes that is all that we need.

Not only that, if you really go through this all, you build a good friendship, who wouldn’t want that? Imagine, a random person comes in to your chat and you slowly start to vibe and jam together. You bond over similarities, games, interests and all of a sudden, you’re friends sitting in calls till 2 am or whatever else time. That’s a really great feeling, trust me. And I can’t get enough of it.

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The fun you have

This one is not just about fun. But also a distraction. I think that it applies to gaming in general, rather than just streaming. For us gamers, gaming is a distraction from the harsh reality. We all have our own demons to fight, to try and defeat and our own minds to keep healthy. And sometimes all we need is to distract and forget the issues and stuff we have to face in the real world.

I think we all at one point have found the game we got absolutely hooked on and we couldn’t get enough of it. And when you get to share that feeling with few other friends, it feel quite amazing, let me tell you. To better describe the feeling, you can also use favorite movie, book, series… whatever you want. And then imagine few of your friends watching it and being absolutely amazed by it. That’s what it feels for us to share the joy of gaming with other people.

However, it doesn’t have to be just gaming, I had insane amount of fan by just talking on a call and sharing our stories. Sometimes we all just need that sense of normalcy, especially in these days. And streaming is fun. You get to meet so many people by doing what you like (that’s the point, right?) and you get to have fun with them. There are countless videos and clips of people having fun with total strangers either in games or just social media in general.

Streaming is fun. Yes, of course, it can be insanely difficult and exhausting, but the funny bits are almost worth it. The amount of fun you can have with random people that come in to your chat, it’s unbelievable. Yes, of course, there are some strange and weird people on the internet, but with majority of people online, you can have fun. One of the key things to keep in mind though is to be open-minded.

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The grow you experience

Since you meet a lot of new people from various countries and cultures, you’re bound to be exposed to new things. New opinions, new values, new points of view, new ways of thinking and much more. However, in my opinion, this is only a good thing for any person. You get to critically analyze your way of life with other ways of life and maybe improve some things in your life. It doesn’t have to be big things or turn your life upside down. Small things matter too, it can be a new habit, such as morning routine, going to gym, eating a bit healthier. It’s the small things that sometimes matter the most.

That is not the only way you grow. In the streaming profession, you need to constantly move forward, move with the advancement of games, technology related to gaming and current social issues. Because, from my own experience, you will have people coming in to your chat asking you questions about what parts they should get, what is your opinion on XYZ things and others. And yes, of course, it is fine if you say that you don’t know the answer to your question. That’s perfectly fine. But, in my opinion, if you know some general knowledge, you can start a pretty decent conversation to which some other viewers will potentially join too.

If one viewer will like your channel, your streaming and your vibes in general, they are more likely to tell their friends to come and check them out. Some of those viewers may be fellow streamers that may eventually bring in even more viewers to you by raiding you or making a shoutout to you in their community. Meaning, your channel will grow as well and you will gain more and more people. Sure, the grow is not constant, sometimes you absolutely pop off and grow insanely fast, sometimes it takes a while. Yet don’t let the numbers discourage you. After all, they are just numbers.

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The community you build

When you combine all of this together, you are on your way to build a foundation for a really special community. A community of people that are connected by the games and much more. You would be surprised how people get talkative once they find people of their own kind. I’ve met people that jam together based on jokes, funny remarks and comments, make fun of each other, but also people that like to have deep and meaningful conversation. Sometimes those people belong to both of the kinds and that’s absolutely okay.

It is a very satisfying feeling to be that one person that connects and introduces people to each other and sees that they are building a friendship together. Through joining multiple communities I’ve met some amazing and extraordinary people that I’m really grateful for.

Streamers usually share the goal of building a community so that people don’t have to be alone, don’t have to play games alone and struggle alone. And trust me, since turning streamer a few months back, I do not regret that, mainly because of all the people I’ve met and played games with.

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The pros of streaming, in my opinion, outweigh the fact of it being exhausting and difficult. Because to see people smile, laugh and see have a better day because you stream a game, make fun of yourself and just enjoy what you doing is absolutely priceless. So, if you are thinking about streaming, go for it. Do it. There’s a reason why you are thinking about it, so go ahead. Try it out, in the worst case scenario you may just quit if you find that it isn’t for you and you still won’t lose anything. I’m speaking for myself, but I’ve laughed pretty hard while streaming, I’ve danced to music, I’ve played and raged at games and I’ve met some incredible people. All is worth it. Because life is too short to just think about it. I’ll rather do it then.

Can you think of any other advantages of gaming / streaming? If yes, let me know in the comments!

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