Streaming: My experience (Pt. 1)

At the beginning of the year, I have set on an adventure. The adventure of becoming a streamer, of creating content, of gaming and having fun with random people on the internet. And let me tell you, it was a huge ride. It was a whole experience and I’ll make it into a whole series, that will be published every Monday for the upcoming future. So, let me introduce my journey of streaming for half a year.

First phase

Before I even decided to stream, the COVID virus has hit hard and I was already attending school online, therefore I already had a webcam and a microphone. Also because I was a part-time English language teacher, so good equipment was needed either way. And I did have a microphone called HyperX Solocast and webcam from the brand Ausdom. That’s what I started with and I was quite satisfied with it. I even thought that now I am a professional streamer. Heh, kinda feels funny thinking about it, how I thought that I’m a professional streamer then, when I knew absolutely nothing about streaming. Right. So, my platform of choice where I decided to stream was, the platform where majority of streamers is. Other platforms are Facebook Gaming or Youtube. To be honest, I didn’t even have a criteria according to which I’ve chosen, I think that Twitch was just easily accessible and everything seemed easy to learn and use.

After few downloads and searching of how to do certain things, I’ve began streaming. I remember the first game I’ve streamed was Sea of Thieves. Tons of fun with other players. Fast forward a few days and I’ve met some really cool people that had helped me a lot and played games with me a lot. And I’m forever grateful for that. Fast forward a month, I’ve reached affiliate status on Twitch, which means that you can earn money by people donating, cheering and subscribing to your channel. You and your subscribers will also have access to emotes and badges. To reach this affiliate you need to fulfill three criteria, but I will dive into it in another part.

After getting that affiliate, we’ve set up on some other goals, but the journey was freaking amazing. I’ve met amazing people that even now I consider friends and I am grateful for meeting them. I’ve played some very amazing games, had countless great nights just chilling with my friends on a discord call and overall, enjoyed it.

Second phase

But then, the grind started. The grind of getting new followers, more viewers, more content, better equipment etc. And let me tell you, streaming is not for anyone. It’s an almost non-stop grind for getting out there and getting that exposure and traction. At that time I had a job, university, other responsibilities and health issues. And let me tell you, it was really difficult to keep up with everything and not mess up somewhere. My sleeping schedule got messed up in a hard way. I went to sleep at three in the morning and woke up at 5 in the morning just to keep up with everything. I did this for about a few months and it took a huge toll on me. In this phase I’ve learned a lot about streaming. Like how much time it actually takes to be a content creator, what are the unwritten rules etc. So much of different things that people don’t even tell you about and if they do, it’s too late. Don’t get me wrong, all of the streamers I’ve met are one of the most amazing, kind and caring people I’ve ever met, hands down. But it takes luck to meet this kind of people and if they even decide to help you, you better be freaking grateful for that. Because, in the end, all of the streamers, they are competition to each other. And yeah, they don’t even have to care. They don’t have to be nice or to help strangers. Some of them choose to. Some don’t. And that’s fine.

This is the phase also when I started to realize all of the cons and pros of streaming, content creating and gaming. I’ll briefly describe some of them, but I will explain them in detail in the next part of this series.


Let me start with the disadvantages or things that I personally minded. One is the enormous consumption of time and energy. And don’t you even dare to tell me that it’s like a regular 9-5 job, because you will have the whole streaming community against you. The streamers that do this full-time they spend around 8 hours just streaming and then countless other hours editing, promoting, networking, collaborating etc. It’s mad difficult to make it and to continue doing it.

Other thing, but it’s mainly shown in games, the toxicity. Yes, you can have toxic people on Twitch, yes, you have toxic people almost in every single game and it’s really not pleasant. You will encounter toxic people almost every day, but if you are a gamer girl, you will have it more difficult, just because you are a woman and people still believe that we shouldn’t game and or stream (don’t worry, I’ll make a part on how to deal with this kind of people)

Of course, there are a few more things that I minded, but I will mention them in another part.


So, first to begin with is the fact that you meet amazing people. Like really amazing. Whether it is by luck or it is supposed to be, who knows. But I’ve met great people and I still game with few of them. With some I’ve parted ways. But I’ve made friendships that I hope will last really long. Because I only want the best for those people and they absolutely deserve it. I won’t name them, but they know who they are. Those people just care about strangers on the internet, they are kind and just overall awesome.

Another thing that I really liked is that eventually you get money for playing games. Yes, it comes down to more than just playing games, of course, but yeah. You get to have your own setup and play games and have freaking fun, chat and play with your community. In my eyes, it doesn’t really get better than that. Playing games and getting paid? Dream come true for many of us.


Overall, the whole streaming experience was one hell of a ride for me and I did enjoy it very much. It was fun, I’ve learned a lot about streaming, gaming and content creating. But, with my other responsibilities, hobbies and duties, I simply couldn’t keep up. So stay tuned for more! I will explain everything in more detail, I will describe my experience in more detail. If any of you are streamers, you will know majority of this as well, but I do encourage you to keep reading! Maybe some of the things will be new to you and maybe they will help you in your streaming career.

Next part coming next Monday!

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