Day and Night

Photo by Damir Mijailovic on

Darkness embraces you all
Sleepy faces everywhere
Of people ready to fall
To the magical place
Where you struggle to come

It’s not like you can’t
But we fear the light
So we fall in love with the night
With the peace and fear
Of not living the light

We thrive
Seeking friend in the night
Hoping for the light
To come and make us fall in love
With the sky

Day is when we lie
That we are fine
Hiding pain behind our smile
Avoiding the fine

After time comes
We shall accept the lies
And become the children of the lights.

Do we?
Or do we stay loyal to the nights?
The battle is never over
Between the night and light.

But only some of us
Know that the two go together
And we stick together
In being children of both.

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