The battles of voices

The never ending battle. The battle of battles, the one that is the most important. Lose the battle, you will lose the war. Win the battle, you still won’t win the war. What to do? Listen or block out the voices? Fight or flight? Which one do YOU choose?

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Tears pouring down her face,
Music blasting to her ears,
Her heart cracking, slowly breaking,
Quickly bleeding, mind fighting.

What do you want?
What you will give me.
Her seeing what she desires,
Her stretching her arms
In a desperate attempt to be finally happy,
The object holding her desires slowly fades away.

Heart telling her fuck it,
Mind screaming fight it.
Eyes wide, muscles tired,
Heart broken, mind bent.

That is the result of never ending battle,
battle of two voices, both wanting the same.
But going the seperate ways
catching her right in the middle,
her being baffled, numb, confused.

She doesn’t know what to do,
to which voice to listen or whether to listen at all.
Yet, her mind is asking just one question:
“When will it be finally my time to be happy?”
Will it even be?

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