Essay: On being “different”

Hi! I’m Claire, I’m white. And I admit, that thanks to my skin, I am privileged more than people of colour. That breaks my heart.

Because I was born white, I do NOT have to worry about people thinking I am a threat, I am dangerous.
Because I was born white, I do NOT have to fear for my life when I go running.
Because I was bon white, I do NOT have to fear for my life when cops pull me over.
That is all just because I was lucky enough to be born white. This is just a fracture of what actually white privilage means and it shows that it is true. I am writing this post in the light of recent events that swept the whole world and has put USA once again into the spotlight.

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I am sad, angry, disappointed, but still hopeful.
I am angry that in the 21st century we still have to deal with issues like this. I am angry that in the 21st century people have to die for something that shouldn’t exist anymore.
I am angry that in the 21st century, when we have artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, smartphones, 5G network, yet we still do NOT have an accepting society.

Yes, the racism has been here for a quite long time, but that doesn’t mean that it is okay. It isn’t. And all of that media exposure doesn’t mean there is more of racism or that it is getting worse. No. The form of it has been like that for quite few years. But it is being filmed, people will stand around and record it. That’s how it reaches the world. And yes, it is good that the whole world knows about it. But it is not good if the world acts like it isn’t a worldwide matter.

For those who think racism is okay or just don’t give a damn

If you even remotely think that racism is okay, I have news for you. You are part of the problem. The same goes for those who don’t care about it. If you will rather stand next to someone who is a victim to racism and not speak up, you are part of the problem. Let’s stop enabling people to be racists. Let’s break the chain, the circle of having to fight for it for so long. The black people have already fought for centuries to get where they are, and they are still NOT fully accepted by this world. Why? Just because white people think that we are better? News again, we are not.

For all of those who belong in this category, I have got two questions for you.

  1. Are you even human? That is a human being that was KILLED because of a SUSPICION. Nothing else. George Floyd didn’t even resist, he begged those police officers to allow him to breath, to get water, to stand up. There were 3 cops on one person. George said “I can’t breathe” not once or twice, but FIFTEEN TIMES. Now tell me again that this is OKAY. I dare you.
  2. What if it was your father, brother, son? Would you still feel the same way? I think not, because that’s what most of the society thinks. It doesn’t concern me. What happened to Floyd cannot happen to me, because I live in XY, and I am white… Just one word for you. Privilege. If you genuily think this, you are priviliged. You are relying on the fact that you’re white that nothing BAD will ever happen to you. Please, don’t think so. This can happen to anyone, yet it is happening to black people.

I hope that you will realise that racism is not okay. That it can happen to anyone and the form doesn’t have to be violent. It can be verbal and not that even. Black people are often denied jobs they are qualified, just because they are black. They are often being followed in stores, just because some Karen doesn’t feel safe, or just to make sure that black people will not steal.

We live in that era that is full of stereotypes, but those people of colour, they are just like we are and they want the same things. They want to be loved, accepted, they want a decent job, family, house, car… Nothing extra, nothing special. And yet the majority of people can’t get over the fact that they are a bit darker than we are.

Let’s love our neighbours, whatever their identity, their race, their orientation. Does it really matter in the end? It is none of our business if they are gay, trans, straight, pan, bi, nonbinary etc… That is their thing and it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect our lives, so let’s drop that shit of caring about it. If you have friends who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, tell them you support them (that’s what friends are for, right?). If you have a black, brown, mixed friend in your life, text them, call them, FT them saying that you support them and you will stand with them in this fight. Why? Because the society can only change when all of us stand together UNITED. We have, I hope, learned our lesson that we cannot play the card: “they are different” anymore. So let’s play the card “we are together united”.

For those who think racism is NOT okay and give a damn

First, I want to thank you that you are trying to help the black people. Because they need every single additional voice they can get. There are multiple ways how you can help, either by donating money, donating your time and attending protests (if it is safe and there wasn’t martial law put in place), but please, obey the police officers. Majority of them is angry with us, they support the movement as well, but they are first and foremost doing their jobs. They are not the enemy. The enemy is the system, so please, DO NOT ATTACK them, do not disobey them, be respectful as well. Treat them the same way you want to be treated. Yes, it is very sad what happened to George and the ones before him, BUT, provoking the police officers or national guard will not do any good for the cause. It will just stain it as dangerous, not safe, not peaceful and then the authorities will try to stop it.

I hear you. I am angry with you. I am sad with you . I respect you. I support you. I will treat you the same. I don’t give a damn about colour, race, identity. You’re human to me, that’s enough. I SUPPORT YOU.

Thank You for reading.

4 thoughts on “Essay: On being “different”

  1. Claire thank you for writing this piece for you white people to help inform and educate them. This is one for of education that people need to become aware of the issues going on in society today. Thank you for being apart of the solution.

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  2. Totally loved how you have expressed yourself and thank you for voicing this on your platform. We need to change the mindset of people, we need to change our society, we need to change the world, one person at a time xx

    P.S followed your blog 🙂

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