The Tricksters (6/30)

As Kev sat down on his chair his mind was racing trying to process what just happened.

„So what you telling me is that your brother, Ray, is just like the Vulture from Brooklyn 99?“ asked Kev.

„Yeah. Been like that since we got out of the academy. Now, do you have something on that Paul guy? Anything that we can use?“ Said Jenny with a slight hint of hope in her voice. She looked at her partner as he was just checking some stuff on his computer and then smiled. The elevated mood was palpable until Ray walked in with a huge smile on his face.

„If only you knew how much I hate you now.“ She whispered through her teeth and Kev was gladly minding his own business, or rather pretending to mind it.

„Okay, so tell me what you‘ve got so we can catch them.“

„I would so love to tell you every single detail of this case, but as you can see, I just got a text from a colleague asking for a help with some case. Feel free to read the file though, it’s right in front of you.” Jenny said as she stood up and with a smile on her face walked away. No, she is simply not going to play nice with someone who’s there just to overtake her case. And she absolutely doesn’t care that the person is her brother. He should simply mind his own business, just like the deal was. But hey, if he’s going to cheat, so is she.

Alice was driving around the neighborhood thinking, planning and analyzing.

“What’s on your mind, Mrs. Romano?” a voice echoed through the car.

“The things you are asking of me.” she replied.

“Hey, we don’t mind you killing a person or two, that will just strengthen our message.” said the voice.

“Yeah, but I do mind it.”

“There’s nothing we can do with that. Carry out the mission and everything will be forgiven and forgotten. On our side, not theirs. They won’t know what hit them.”

“That’s the only reason why I am doing this madness. I’ll figure it out. It has to be perfect.” she said and hung up.

“Damn, it’s going to take a while.” she murmured to herself.

“Kevin, is that right?” Ray asked the man, presumably Jen’s partner, his name. Who would’ve said that an agent sucks with remembering names?

“Yeah, can I help you somehow?” Politeness was always one of Kev’s strengths even when he didn’t like the person.

“Yeah. How did you figure out the name Paul Gregorson?” Kev smiled hoping Ray didn’t catch it.

“Actually Jenny found it, somehow. I wasn’t there at the moment, but I can show you one of the photos we have of him, but it’s a bit old.” Ray walked over to Kev’s table and looked at the monitor.

“Yeah, you’re getting screwed. I know Paul, but he didn’t look like this or that for that matter. The sketch is off, last time I saw Paul he had a giant scar through his face, from the jaw up to his brows. This guy who’s in the photo at the website is dead for couple of years.” Kev was just looking at his colleague and was bamboozled.

“What?” He asked still processing. He then continued to watch Ray crumble the sketch, throw it directly into the trash bin, and take a blank paper where he wrote:

The guy who’s in the photo and his name is supposed to be Paul Gregorson actually died two years ago, I was at his funeral.
Paul Gregorson doesn’t look like the sketch at all. He’s got a scar on the left side.
You’re being played. I guess it’s good I came over.

And after he finished writing he put the paper on Jenny’s table, smiled and left with the feeling of a winner. Little does he know he’s also being played.

Thank You for reading.

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