Work a lot? I will pass, thanks

Do you remember being told that working a lot pays off? I certainly do and when the reality check came, I got slapped hard. And I woke up with different mind set.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was told that I have to work a lot on what I want to do in my life and that the work will eventually pay off. Well, then the reality check came, and it was different from what I expected.

Even now the influencers are all about hustling and putting the time in something you want etc. Sure, they are right, but only to a degree. I disagree with the idea that working a lot on something means that you will be successful in the future.

Why? Because I believe that if you are working a lot, but in a wrong manner, you won’t move an inch from where you are at that moment.  Let’s say that I want to be a writer, but all I am doing is writing my journal without any planning, layout, strategy or goal in mind. Will it help me to be a writer? I seriously doubt so. Maybe someone will find my journal and decide to publish it (well, I don’t know what the future holds for us).

But I do believe that if you are working hard on something, if you are constantly trying to get better at what you do by either writing articles, books and sending them to publishers to see if they are good enough, then yeah, that does help you to become a writer. Why? Many reasons. You actually get feedback from people, even if it is strangers (that’s the best scenario, but I will get to that later) and you can move forward, and it doesn’t matter if you move by an inch or by a mile.

The fact that matters is that you move, you grow, you get better. And you can do this only if you are working hard. Let’s once again use our example. You want to be a writer and, in my opinion, working hard means that you will research how to develop a character, how to keep the reader turning pages etc.

There is a catch however. You cannot just research and research, then you would rather be a theorist than an actual writer (no offense meant). Yes, researching is an important part of the job, it’s like you would want to teach someone something but you know absolutely nothing about that thing.

So, do your research, learn, get better, but you have to write as well. Write articles, write essays, write novels, books, poems, whatever that you like. And keep going. That’s the only way how the hard work pays off. By making mistakes and you learning from them. Sure, it does hurt when the publisher demolishes your book that took you a year or longer. But try to talk to them why they didn’t like it, what was the issue and then learn from it. Then, the next copy you will send them will be much better. Trust me.

Working hard doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can do it effectively, you can research theory while you are eating, you can read articles about your interest while commuting (don’t do it while driving a car, please), while you are waiting somewhere. We all have got phones and majority of them are always connected to the Internet, so make us of it. Be productive.

That’s working hard in my opinion. That no matter where you are, when you have the time, you work on yourself, you learn, read, educate yourself and maybe even other, who knows.

To sum it all up. Working a lot and working hard are not the same. Working a lot in wrong manner definitely won’t pay up in the future but working hard even if not a lot will. It will just take longer than you might imagine. Working a lot and hard is the best case scenario, but let’s be honest, not all of us have that kind of time, especially when we are trying to start doing something new.

It is okay to move slowly as long as you are moving.

But don’t forget to relax, you are not a machine, you are human being. You need to switch off and relax, to meet with friends, talk to them, go jogging or whatever you want. Just don’t think that you can pull of being a machine. No one can. And if you don’t believe me, Google it.

Thank You for reading.

7 thoughts on “Work a lot? I will pass, thanks

  1. We shouldn’t need to “hustle” to get by, every job should pay the living wage at the very least. It’s disgusting that this isn’t the case, and that people have to have multiple income sources just to get by, and as you said, most of us simply don’t have the time, or energy, to be able to do that

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    • Yeah, I think so as well. I study to be a teacher and in my country it is one of the least paid professions, and majority of the teachers are having two or three jobs to provide for their families. And I believe this is the case in multiple professions and I am sad that this is happening.


  2. Yeah working a lot is draining and time consuming especially if you are not trying to look for ways to improve. You just keep doing the same thing over and over again without looking for lapses in your work and knowing what to change or what to discard. That’s is why working hard is important, you learn, you improve even if it’s slow. At least you won’t be doing the same thing over and over again.

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