The Tricksters (4/30)

After finally climbing up the four stories, Jen and her partner came in her penthouse. “Okay, so tell me, Jen, what the hell was so important that you had to call me at three in the morning?” Said Kevin Huffington, Jenny’s partner on a major case they are working, when he arrived at Jen’s place.

“I just had my sister-in-law over…”

“Wait, you mean Alice? The Alice?!” Jen smiled.

“Yes. The Alice. There was a time when she and Ray wanted to divorce, but every time Ray had managed to persuade Alice to stay together. I don’t know how, because they don’t even have children and Ray’s a bigger workaholic than me. So I’ve got no clue why she would stay… ”

“I know, I saw him just yesterday talking to some agent from a different unit.” Kev said while making himself comfortable on a sofa.

“Okay, so she was here, and we were talking about her and Ray. It’s not important how she got there, but when she left, just before I called you, she got into this car.” Jenny picked up a photo from an unlabeled folder.

“Are you sure?”

“Check the left corner of the driver’s door.” Said Jenny with a smile on her face while typing something on her work laptop.

“And? There’s no way you could’ve seen in from up here. There has to be at least hundreds of stickers like that.” Said Kevin after examining the photo. When he looked up at Jen, he saw her holding one finger up and furiously typing, which made him get up and look over her shoulder at the monitor.

“What are you looking for?”

“I didn’t see the connection before. My stupid sister-in-law had to get here to make me realize it. See, we both went to the same school, but we never met, because she’s older than me and then she transferred. I remember her telling me something about a tradition her year had. They, supposedly, printed out stickers for the whole year, but they made some changes for those who were in teams, cheerleading or in some other clubs. And if I am right, we should be able to find our suspect in here.” She clicked at a link and they both could see archive photos of students swimming for the school team.

“Here…” Kev said as he pointed a finger at a young student. Jen reached out for a sketch from the folder and put it side by side to the photo.

“Maybe… These photos are a bit old. But, let me see what I can do with his name, Paul Gregorson.”

“Okay. Till you do, the statement from the witnesses say, male, in his 40s, brown hair, blue eyes, average height or weigh. In order words, not so much help there. That’s almost every third man in this city.”

“Hm, not that I honestly expected a result, but we got nothing. Damn…” sighed Jen.

“Not even a photo? A more recent one?”

“Nah, nothing. He’s clean…”


“Hey, language. I’ve still got children here.” Said Jen and looked sideways at her partner.

“Sorry. I just don’t believe that if he’s the guy we’re after, he would come up clean.”

“If he’s the guy, something will pop up. I’ll talk to some people and I’ll let you know later if we have something. But for now, I would like to go to bed, if ya don’t mind. Feel free to stay, you know where’s the guest bedroom.” She said as she locked her laptop.

“Yeah, thanks, but I have to go back home, you know how Alex is.” Both of them smiled. Jen walked out her partner and locked the door behind him. Only then she noticed a piece of crumbled paper on her worktop in the kitchen which said: Game on, Jen. Remember, the score’s 1-0 for me. R.

“Oh, damn.”

TThank You for reading.

P.S: New part coming during the weekend!

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